Franklin paints an idyllic portrait of small-town America

Detour off the Natchez Trace for a cruise down one of the country's dreamiest Main Streets

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Created by Airstream - August 1st 2019

Franklin, Tennessee is about as quintessential an example of small-town America as you'll find anywhere. It may be just 20 miles south of Nashville, but it feels worlds away from the bright lights of the big city. Rich in history, well-preserved, and bustling with acclaimed artisans, restaurants, and festivals, it's as fascinating to explore as it is perfect to look at.

Franklin was the site of a Civil War battle and lies along the famed Natchez Trace. The 16-block downtown area is a historic district, preserving some gorgeous Victorian buildings. But even heading off Main Street and into the surrounding hills, you'll find many hidden gems that combine small-town Southern charm with modern sophistication. Discovering these diamonds in the rough is an experience all on its own.

Here's our guide to the best of Franklin and the surrounding Leiper's Fork area.

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