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Atlanta Essential Info


Atlanta is the vanguard of the New South, with the charm and elegance of the Old. It is a city that balances southern traditions with sleek modernism. According to the 2010 Census, Atlanta had 420,003 residents within the city limits and 5.3 million in the metro area. In Atlanta, the peach trees are plentiful and the tea is sweet, yet this city boasts three skylines and the world’s busiest airport. Atlanta has been burnt to the ground and built back up; it has seen the horrors of war and felt the pain of droughts and floods. Atlanta knows rebirth and endurance though, perhaps better than any other city. Atlanta was host to the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games, is the capital of Georgia, and has become the enduring leader of the American South.

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Mar-May, Sep-Nov

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Fun Facts

  1. The Atlanta Braves are the oldest continually operating professional sports franchise in the country.
  2. Grant Park's Zoo Atlanta houses the country's largest populations of both gorillas and orangutans.
  3. The world headquarters of news network CNN is located in downtown Atlanta at the CNN Center.
  4. The headquarters of Coca-Cola, along with the World of Coca-Cola exhibition, is located in Atlanta.
  5. Margaret Mitchell wrote the novel “Gone With the Wind” in Atlanta.

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