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Dallas Essential Info


Dallas is the largest and most populated city in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, which is also referred to as DFW, North Texas, or The Metroplex. Located in the north central portion of the state, The Metroplex is the most populated area in Texas. The City of Dallas by itself is the third most populated in the state behind Houston and San Antonio. DFW is home to the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League, and you'll regularly be reminded of The Metroplex's mass enthusiasm for the team. With more shopping centers per capita than any other city in the US, Dallas is also known as a shopper's paradise.

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Fun Facts

  1. Sports mogul and Dallas resident Lamar Hunt is famous for coining the term “Super Bowl.”
  2. In 2011, Dallas became the only city to have hosted a World Series game, an NBA Finals game and the Super Bowl in the same year.
  3. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is the third busiest in the world.
  4. 7-Eleven, the largest chain in the world, was founded in Dallas.
  5. President Kennedy was killed at Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas in 1963.

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