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Fargo Essential Info


Fargo is a modern city of just over 100,000 on the Red River in the southeast corner of North Dakota. Many people relate Fargo to the eponymous 1996 Coen Brothers movie starring Oscar-winner Frances McDormand and William H. Macy, though none of the movie was filmed in Fargo. Neighboring Moorhead, Minnesota is across the river from Fargo and the area is generally referred to as Fargo-Moorhead. Fargo is the seat of Cass County.

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Fun Facts

  1. During the 1880s, Fargo became the "divorce capital" of the Midwest because of lenient divorce laws.
  2. It is illegal to go dancing in Fargo with a hat on
  3. In 2008, Fargo hosted the largest pancake feed in the world.
  4. Fargo is an Academy Award–winning 1996 film named after the city but none of Fargo was shot on location in or near Fargo
  5. The Plains Art Museum in Fargo is the largest museum of art in the state.

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