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A Second Life: 10 Converted Restaurants

Dine in a jail, a church, and more

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Created by Roadtrippers - June 8th 2016

Have you ever eaten lunch inside a bank vault or grabbed a pint in a church? These restaurants take recycling to the next level by giving a second life to quirky, unused structures. Although the delicious food is enough to warrant a stop at any of these, the offbeat settings will make them meals to remember! Plus, not everyone can say they’ve eaten dinner by an underwater fireplace…

1665 N Newport Rd, Colorado Springs, CO, US

The Airplane Restaurant (Solo's)

Refuel yourself inside this 1953 Boeing KC-97 tanker, now an aviation-themed restaurant. Visit Colorado Springs to snag one of the 42 seats inside this aircraft that has flown the world over, and read the menu for a history lesson!

470 Brannan St, San Francisco, CA, US

Le Truc

Not exactly a food truck, Le Truc has customer seating aboard this school bus turned “bustaurant.” Been awhile since you last went on a field trip? Throw a private dinner party aboard the bus, and you can be driven to prime locations around San Francisco to enjoy the view. No spitballs allowed!

Photo of Forbes Island Restaurant

Pier 39, H Dock, San Francisco, CA, US

Forbes Island Restaurant

You’ll need to get your sea legs quickly when you take a boat to this man-made floating island off the coast of San Francisco, but it’s worth it to experience one of the few places where you can sit by a fireplace while being underwater. Converted from a private floating home, the dining room is nautical themed and features portholes so you can enjoy the watery view. Just don’t let the fish out the window see you eating sea food…

Photo of The Bedford

1612 W Division St, Chicago, IL, US

The Bedford

You don’t have to pull a great heist to gain access to this Chicago bank vault. Housed in a former 1920s bank, the old vault is now a snazzy cocktail lounge with gleaming copper safe-deposit box walls.

Photo of The Silo

115 N Water St, Lewiston, NY, US

The Silo

Originally used for storing coal, this former silo is now a restaurant with an extensive hot dog menu to fulfill the quota of silo-shaped offerings. Chow down on a Silo Dixie Dog and enjoy the view of Canada!

Photo of The Liberty Hotel

215 Charles St, Boston, MA, US

The Liberty Hotel


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Come do the jailhouse rock in this former Boston drunk tank, now (fittingly) a bar and lounge. Vestiges of the old Charles Street Jail remain — the original brick cell walls and tile floor are on display. Party underneath celebrity mugshots, in the footsteps of the drunk and disorderly.

401 S Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA, US


The Moshulu was launched as a seafaring vessel in 1904, and as a restaurant in 2003. After sailing the seven seas and fighting in the world wars, she is now docked in Philadelphia, where diners can enjoy fine artisan cheeses.

60 Powerhouse Rd, White Haven, PA, US

Powerhouse Eatery

This converted coal-burning power plant now provides the town with a more nutritious kind of energy. Get a taste of the past while eating a Powerhouse Pot Pie under the old power plant valves and boilers.

3525 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA, US

Church Brew Works & Restaurant

This Pittsburgh brewpub is housed in a deconsecrated Catholic church, and specializes in its four house beers: North German Style Pilsner, Bavarian Dunkel, British Special Bitter and rotating Blast Furnace Stout. After sampling one of each, maybe you’ll be divinely inspired to make a confession!


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