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5 Stunning Michigan Waterfalls

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Created by Roadtrippers - July 5th 2016

“The perfect trip begins here. Your perfect trip begins at Pure Michigan”- sound familiar? Yes, it is the infamous Pure Michigan Commercials. The smooth voice of Tim Allen, set to sail boats and kids playing on the shore but as goofy as you feel watching Tim the Tool Man try to seduce you by Michigan’s beauty it’s hard not to get sucked in. There is a lot of truth to the message in those commercials- Michigan has pristine shores and fresh water bodies. Within these lakes and rivers there are said to be almost 200 named Michigan waterfalls. That’s a whole lot, so we’ve narrowed it down to 5 spectacular Michigan waterfalls you must see!

Photo of Munising Falls

Becker Rd., Munising, MI, US

Munising Falls

Munising Falls‘ is not only very easily accessible but also extremely beautiful. In the spring, vibrant green moss grows on the surrounding rocks and the water is an equally vibrant shade of blue.

Photo of Bond Falls

Bond Falls Rd, Paulding, MI, US

Bond Falls

Bond Falls is known as the best waterfall in the Upper Peninsula, which is a pretty prestigious title considering the competition! Though, when you’re coming into the competition boasting a 100+ foot wide fall the competition literally looks small in comparison.

41001 W M-123, Paradise, MI, US

Tahquamenon Falls State Park

This water fall’s so big, it got a state park named after it- Tahquamenon Falls State Park. And that is possibly the beginning of a line of ‘your momma’ jokes curated for waterfalls.

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Photo of Miners Falls

Munising, MI, US

Miners Falls

Miners Falls‘ is unique because you can actually walk right up to the base of the waterfall and not get drenched! Since it’s in the crevice of the converging rocks it’s funneled down gently so it doesn’t get splashy.

Photo of Sable Falls


Sable Falls

Sable Falls has a stunning 75 foot drop over sandstone formations. Its multiple levels make it a finalist in the top 5 stunning Michigan waterfalls and with easy stair access it makes taking a hike to this waterfall a no-brainer!


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