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Created by ClassicUSARoadTrips - March 24th 2014

Discover historic and scenic sites along the road that helped to build America, and venture on to other routes that offer vivid views into our nation's history.

114 West Sunset Avenue, Greensboro, MD, US

Greensboro Historical Society

The Greensboro Historical Society provides an in-depth look at the history of the quaint little town of Greensboro, MD. They do work restoring and preserving historic buildings, homes, photographs and artifacts, and can take you into history. They have an adorable little museum as well.

82mi 01h 32m

Charles Street National Scenic Byway in Baltimore is special in that it's one of only 4 National Scenic Byways in an urban environment. It's lined by historic buildings and districts along pretty much the entire route, and makes its way out of the city into a lovely woodland. The Mount Vernon Place Historic District, home to Walters Art Museum and the Peabody Institute, as well as the Fire Museum of Maryland and the Hampton National Historic Site are along or right off the route. It's a really unique way to experience all of the history Baltimore has to offer!

81mi 01h 31m

One of the coolest bits of history to take place in the region, though, has to be Harriet Tubman. The loop features 30 sites related to her incredible story. Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad State Park, Bucktown Village Store, Linchester Mill, and Webb Cabin are among the many sites where you can stop and immerse yourself in her life story and what it was like to escape slavery along the Underground Railroad.

396mi 06h 28m

Ever wonder what the first federal highway was? Today it's called "National Road" and it was supposed to connect Baltimore and St. Louis... but sadly, money dried up around Vandalia, IL. But, seeing as this all happened between 1811 and 1837, it's kind of impressive that the government was willing to build that far west. The first portion was known as the Cumberland Road and dates back to 1806! The Ohio portion cuts right across the middle of the state, connecting Wheeling, Zanesville, Columbus, Springfield, and Richmond.

408mi 06h 24m

After you cruise through Indiana, you'll reach the Illinois portion of the route, which will take you into St. Louis. Stop at the National Road Welcome Center, Cahokia, the Lincoln Log Cabin State Historic Site, Willoughby Farm, and some of the other fascinating historical spots along the way.

Okay, so National Road and Charles Street might not look exactly the way they did when they were first built, but driving them is great way to get a taste for what life was like before Interstate Highways and rest stops with fast food joints!