The 10 best themed hotels in the U.S.

The 10 best themed hotels in the U.S.

Sleep in an igloo, take a rock shower, or bathe in a champagne glass at these themed hotels where vintage kitsch meets modern luxury

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by Roadtrippers
February 3rd 2021

Heart-shaped tubs and mirrored ceilings may not be everyone's idea of romance, but no matter what you're into (individually or as a couple), chances are good that you can find a hotel room to match your interests.

You don't have to travel to the Arctic to stay in an igloo or go back in time to the Wild West to feel like a pioneer for the night. At these 10 themed hotels, guests can book a New York penthouse in New Hampshire, travel to Ancient Egypt without leaving California, and wake up on the moon—which has been meticulously recreated in southern Wisconsin inside two of the Don Q Inn's 13 famed "Fantasuites."

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The 10 best themed hotels in the U.S. Map

Adventure Suites takes the business of themed hotels as seriously as they can for a place that offers rooms such as the NY Penthouse, Love Shack, and Dragon's Lair. The Haunted Castle sleeps up to 18 people (if you dare!) and features "six levels of fright"—including a draw bridge, sliding walkway, and coffin photo op.


The Poconos was once the destination for honeymooners, and three resorts are still carrying the heart-shaped torch: Cove Haven, Pocono Palace, and Paradise Stream. Famous for their suites featuring 7-foot-tall champagne glass-style whirlpool hot tubs, these couples-only resorts are all located less than a 2-hour drive from New York City.


The Loop Inn Motel promises to turn fantasy into reality, offering fireplaces and whirlpool tubs in almost every room. Suites intended for couples include a tub shaped like a champagne glass, a heart-shaped swimming pool, and plenty of mirrors so you can take in the kitsch from every angle.

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The Feather Nest Inn accommodates couples celebrating honeymoons, anniversaries, or just a short afternoon rendezvous. Romantic suites come with heart-shaped tubs and mirrored ceilings, while family friendly options include the Ice Cave, Space Odyssey, or Treehouse.


Jules' Undersea Lodge is the first and only underwater hotel where guests must scuba dive 21 feet below the surface to get to their rooms. What started as an underwater research lab is now a cottage-sized building with hot showers, a complete kitchen, beds, books, and movies. Guests are encouraged to explore the surrounding mangrove lagoon which is teeming with fish, sponges, oysters, and other sea life.


Located near the only active diamond mine in the U.S. and Crater of Diamonds State Park, these cabins were built to resemble businesses you'd expect to find in an Old West frontier town. They include an undertaker, apothecary, and blacksmith. Each is outfitted with antique artifacts as well as modern-day amenities.


The Victorian Mansion was built in 1864 and moved to its present location in 1980. Hundreds of artisans spent almost a decade creating six suites with themes promising to transport guests to the 1950s, Ancient Egypt, or the captain's quarters of a pirate ship.


The Madonna Inn may be the most famous (and Instagram-worthy) themed hotel due to its location in San Luis Obispo, California, and proximity to the Pacific Coast Highway. Guests can choose from dozens of whimsical rooms including some that come equipped with rock showers and waterfalls.


The Anniversary Inn has four locations in Utah and Idaho, all of which offer themed suites such as Phantom of the Opera, Jungle Safari, and The Mysteries of Egypt. The bed and breakfasts are all housed within beautiful and elaborate mansions for the perfect blend of luxury and kitsch.

The Don Q Inn's website promises that an overnight stay in one of its themed suites will “transport [you] to the world of your dreams.” When the Don Q Inn opened in 1974, it had 30 standard rooms in addition to seven themed suites, inspired by the eclectic décor of its famously bizarre neighbor, The House on the Rock. An additional 13 “Fantasuites,” including a prehistoric cave, a jungle safari, and an igloo, were added in 1989.

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